Beautiful Ukranian curses, gathered by Shura Perepölov, the one shouting into the void. Olha Hruba is articulating the curses for You. Montage & screaming in the end by Willem Vermeersch + part of my script read by Franziska Windisch. Feel free to try.


1596 painted photographs of head scans from a friend who passed away.


Raw flow of processing data. Still in need of editing, with extra focus on audio & adding credits.


1117 images of painted photographs from a 5 month journey on foot from Ypres to Istanbul. Carrying a lantern found in World War One trenches. Crossing various fracture lines. Connecting faces, stories, times and places.


Raw start of unfinished video with 3000 photos of 200 painting processes overlapped with images by Oleksandr Perepölov who documents war crimes in Ukraine, mixed with own footage and audio from jam session with friends (credits after editing).