Some Distorted Moving Images

Is your taste sometimes an obstacle?

Hansel und Gretels' Crumbs

Can you compress the width and depth of the universe into the surface of a screen?

Contemporary Romantic Imagery

Could You draw yourself as an impenetrable disco ball?

The Wound

Describe briefly your discipline, medium and domain.

Star Dust

Can You give me 7 common criteria for a good work of art and a good relationship?


Is there a connection between cuteness, impotence and idealism?


Can You massage a painting?

A Legitimate Interested in Obsolete Warfare

We explore the abstract minefields of serial photography.

Mass Teddybearification

Diamonds are made under pressure, how are You made?

The Connection Between Disorder & Order

Can You draw 1000 frustrated figures on a sheet of paper?

Subversive Potato

Is your place of origin a person, a story, a feeling or something edible?

Printer Disguised as Obstretic chair

How can you deframe a frame without losing it's essence?

Blue Matter

I am complete and soft, I am sky and water, I am a pillow.


Is there any evil element concealed in overexposure?

E. Hillesum

Does anyone or anything ever really coincide with what You imagine?

Your Heart Playing a Readymade

Do face masks have a similar ontological function as underwear?

Somebody Constantly Putting Clothes On and Off

What are the things you can't do with a ladder?

Drowning Person

Moving brush strokes perceive no difference in depth.


Traces of paint marking a space on a printed image of a printed image depicting her in the hours before passing. That moment, her breathing coincided with her complete being, into one resonating space.

W. Benjamin

Could a piece of decomposing stew have a scattered perception?

Black Square