Some Distorted Moving Images

Can you compress the width and depth of the universe into the surface of a screen?


Is there a connection between cuteness, impotence and idealism?

A Well

If you could build an anti-concentration camp, how would it look like?

Young Pillar Saint

On which places would you install a springboard?


Which music fits with burnt earth?

Chaos disguised as survival strategy

Am I a printer?

Donkey behind eternal carrot

Is the market a legitimate metaphor for all life?

Jimmy's Dog

What does a subtropical swimming pool have in common with a museum of fine arts?

Myself as a dustbin

Do You sometimes copy what You reproduce?

The Shaker

Is sharing autographs a way to become a drawing?

Eating Champion

Are you a mass migrant?

Obstretic chair

How can you deframe a frame without losing it's essence?

Language games

I rarely wear the images of myself, they usually don't fit.

E. Greco

What is a server?

Blue matter

I am complete and soft,
I am sky and water,
I am a pillow.

SS Men in the metro



With guns in our hands and women in our heads, we ate butter.

Monster inside your eyeball

How violent is the attempt to insure everything?

Eye Balls

Are things approaching or moving away from you?

Drowning Person

Moving brush strokes perceive no difference in depth.


Would you like to become a fossil?

M. Schumacher sharing autographs

What is the difference between words and sounds?


Can there be an apotheosis of everything into someone?


What is there is there, what is not is not.

The Great Categorizer

How would You describe the essence of a sieve?

Natives on Buffalos riding West-Flemish fields at night

If you could design new identity cards,
how would they look like?

R. Hood

Je vais boufer tout ce qui est rouge.

Homeless person sleeping on backpack next to huge dog

Does the world sometimes coincide with knitting a sweater?

Madonna Lactans

Where does the Internet come from?

Leopold II

Stars are already dead the moment they touch your retina.

Someone looking for his glasses while wearing them

Does an ephemeral being need a fixed object?

Anxious person

Can something dark give light?

W. Benjamin

Could a piece of decomposing stew have a scattered perception?

Every image

We are a deep smile.

Emerging Body

I want to melt a Lego figure.

J. de la Cruz

Caressed by oxidation, my name keeps changing.

H. Arendt

The waves went inside out.

The Dairy

Metabolism is a procession.

Bagpipes appearing as kidneys

Can fiction and practice form one muscle?

Mountain Eyes

Is your place of origin a person, a story, a feeling or something edible?

Roundabout with Mine Entrance

Compressed images becoming moving images.

Little Running Fire

Compressed bodies becoming moving imagination.

Any Sacred Place

Are you an impermeable disco ball?

J. Van Eyck

I love animals.

The Screen

Compulsiefje, blind gevlek me langs gebroken
armpjes met zeef in de diepte
tot peulende vreugdevrucht.

The Maze

Choreography is Calligraphy

H. Bosch

J'ai acheté des carottes bio.

Cosmic Rock & Roll

Tijdens het bomalarm trok meneer onderliggende doelmatigheid in de mist.

An Alchemist

Distortion sometimes materializes the divine trough negative positiveness.

Image stutterer

I am an invisible weapon indicated by a nameplate.

Information specialist

Can You glue the burst on the bottom of the globe?

The Passport

Drift and self control are not interesting.


(Dé)céder sa place.

Eichmann Cage

Gij onbetrouwbaar grondplan, met uw melige liedjes en willekeurige snelheden.

Roundabout with Tribune

What happens if you hug someone too much?

A Cry Next to a Waterfall

How can a printer give birth?

Magic Button for Everything

Today I want to be placed on a roundabout with a tee pee and a protest Flag.

P. Breugel

From now on sheep are clouds and clouds are sheep.

Someone Made of Mixed Species, Tastes, Ages and Subcultures

Me zit'n ier e bitje beskermd é?

Walking Fire

A black (w)hole is a harmonizing vessel that acts as a vanishing point while giving shape to everything and everyone involved.

Asylum Sorting Center

De rituele basketbalmatch in donkere kamers vond plaats op het strand tijdens een cursus koken.

Someone Simultaneously Absorbing & Repelling Substances

The human ACT is most important.

A Projected Fortress with a Projected Princess

Go Away!

The Brush

Automatic movements render the body invisible but tangible.

N. J. Paik

What is your favorite holiday destination?

Weeping Wall

Interactive imagination without representation is wrong to have for breakfast.

Pseudo Scientist

What is the relationship between painting and perceiving everything as a body?

The Image

What can you see in the reflection of an eye?


Can You understand the wind departing from your body?

A Birth

If you turn a table upside down, will it still be a table?

Body Full of Tunnels with Cars Driving In and Out

I am absurd, exaggerated, ecstatic and sometimes human.

False Witness

I've seen a scream that exorcises any attempt to fully domesticate life.

Black (W)Hole

Is a passport photo the same as a mask?

Venus from Willemdorf

When something eats you, does that make you eat something else?

Expanding Porous Black Liquid

What is the use of geometric shapes and ordinances?

Black Square

Kazimir made me to announce the coming of Big Data, dragged by an ever evolving Black Hole.